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Secret Identity!

Published on April 25, 2012 by in genealogy

I have really been hitting a dead end on the Haven branch of my family tree.  Haven is the maiden name of my mother’s paternal grandmother, Adeline Haven b1861.  My brother and aunt tracked down her parent’s names, and from there I was able to piece together some information on George Haven b1828 and Sophia Mongeon b1832.  I was pretty sure they lived in Douglas, Massachusetts in 1860, but Ancestry.com turned up nothing.  So I decided to abandon search and page my way through the census.Based on the 1880 census I discovered of Sophia’s second marriage, I knew what family structure I was seeking and assumed the issue was a transcription or spelling error.  I ended up being correct, but there was more!

The family structure I was looking for was a George and Sophia Haven, with children Mary, Julia, Josephine, and George.  (My grandmother, Adeline, wasn’t born until 1861.)

As I was skimming the 63 census pages, one at a time, the following caught my eye!


Sophia, Mary, Julia… then I excitedly found Josephine on the next page.  Plus the ages were pretty close and birth order was spot on!  It is easy to see why a search didn’t find this record:

  1. The last name was transcribed as “Cordis” not “Haven.”
  2. The last name was written as “Paradis” and not “Haven.”
  3. The father and son are named Octave and not George.

Additional digging turned up additional records for the children using the last name of Haven, Paradis, or Parady.  I am pretty certain this is a record of my ancestor, but have yet to understand the name switch-a-roo.

Full Census Page (if you’re interested!)


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