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A Blended Family! Maybe…

Published on January 7, 2012 by in genealogy

Very interesting find today!  I think. 🙂  An 1800 census form that is sloppy, confusing, and promising all at once!

I haven’t had much luck yet learning more about my great-grandmother, Adeline Haven b1861.  What little I know was shared by my aunt:

  • Her Maiden Name was Haven.
  • Her Parents’ names were John Haven and Sophia Mongeon. My aunt made a trip to town hall to find this at some point way back when.
  • She was French.
  • That would be everything!

My online searching turned up nothing, until I found this 1800 Census Form from Burrillville, RI.

Excerpt from 1800 Census, Burrillville, RI

I decided to plug this family into my tree assuming that this is my grandmother, Adeline, based on the following:

  1. Her last name is Haven.
  2. Her age looks about right.
  3. Her mother’s name is Sophia.
  4. I have been unable to find any other record in the 1880 census that is even remotely a match.
NameAgeRelationship to HeadStatus
Gardiner, Frank35married
Gardiner, Sophia47wifemarried
Prew, Mary26daughterwidowed
LeDuc, Julia24daughtermarried
LeDuc, Alfred21sonmarried
Prew, Joseph26sonmarried
Haven, Adeline19daughtersingle
Haven, Josephine17daughtersingle
Haven, Minnie15daughtersingle
Gardiner, Frank7grandsonsingle
Gardiner, Joseph5grandsonsingle
Latimore, George5grandsonsingle
LeDuc, Joseph7/12grandsonsingle

There are a few interesting things to be gleaned from this record, all of which are new information to my research:

  1. All the daughters are Havens, from Sophia’s first marriage.  Mary and Julia are married, and Adeline, Josephine, and Minnie, still single.  That’s 4 sisters nobody in the family knew Adeline had.
  2. As Mary is listed as widowed, but has a living husband listed also, I am going to guess that George Latimore is her son from a previous marriage which ended in death (most likely) or divorce for Mr. Latimore.
  3. I am also guessing that the two Gardiner grandchildren are sons of Frank Gardiner’s son, who is also either passed or missing from the census.

I am going to model the tree accordingly with these assumptions and modify as I learn more!

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