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More Cousins, Sad News

Published on January 2, 2012 by in genealogy

So Ancestry.com hooked me up again!  And again!  First, I connected with a cousin my dad knew was working on the family tree and had been for a while.  I had already connected via email, but by connecting through Ancestry, it became much easier for us to share family information and compare notes.

The second connection was someone I didn’t know existed, who is doing overlapping research on the Flynn portion of my family (my father’s maternal grandmother’s family).  

Gladys M Flynn

Turns out she is married to one of the descendants of my great-grandmother’s brother, Thomas.  In more excellent news, she had some additional “Gladys Flynn” research!

Gladys Flynn b1908 was a female engineer at Sikorsky Helicopter – incredibly impressive for any generation let alone her generation – and also the family genealogist back before we had this wealth of online records and tools.  There are several 1970’s pages of her genealogy work floating around the family, so to find some more was awesome!  Apparently she also collected source records and significant detail: the shreds we currently have were summaries mailed to relatives seeking more information.  Her fate and the fate of her body of work is truly saddening…

Unfortunately she developed Alzheimer’s in her later years and when… [they] cleaned out her apartment, I think they may have thrown away most, if not all, of Glad’s photos and genealogy research.

The handful of pages we have are still amazing, even more so when I consider the legwork required for her to figure this out.  A few charts, some hand-drawn maps, letters to relatives with questions, and some hand-scribed notes on all of the afforementioned.

Sample from one of Glady’s charts

Gladys’s research has been instrumental in jump starting that portion of my tree.  I would have loved to meet her, but am glad to at least enjoy some of her legacy.

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