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Don’t Underestimate Family Stories!

Published on December 6, 2011 by in genealogy

I had something very exciting happen this week… I connected with a cousin I didn’t even know I had, while researching my Irish ancestry.  It started with an Ancestry.com hint, but the deal was closed by trading family stories!

Ancestry.com hints indicated that Ancestry found matches in other trees for my grandfather, Daniel Kiely b1872, who was born in Ireland, but moved to Bronx, NY.  I looked through the multiple matches and, as usual, all of the matching trees referenced one of the trees as a source (this is typical).  I emailed the tree owner to see if his Daniel Kiely was the same as my Daniel Kiely, and that’s where the family stories locked down the match!

Patrolman Daniel J. Kiely

A long lost cousin!  Turns out I have many cousins still living in the same area where my Great Grandfather was born.  My newly found cousin and I have also been able to swap more family stories and research we have each done on the tree, plus share information about the current family.

I am a huge fan of stories and capture them whenever I can:

  1. They are great for confirming connections with others doing research.  The same stories often make their way down through the generations.
  2. They can also be helpful for validating records and other information, like news articles, I come across in my research.
  3. They are the most interesting part of this whole exercise.  In the end, the real goal is to have figured out a long family story, that starts as far back as I can stretch!

Very exciting stuff!  I am reinvigorated for my genealogy battle.

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