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Genealogy – a Perfect Hobby for Me!

Published on November 15, 2011 by in genealogy

I recently restarted my genealogy obsession hobby. It turns out, it may just be the perfect hobby for me. I don’t really have much time for hobbies – except my “sleeping” hobby – but here I am nonetheless!

So what makes is so perfect?

  1. It engages my analytical side.  I actually love poring over massive volumes of data looking for clues and piecing together a pattern that tells a story.
  2. It appeals to my anal retentiveness.  It requires being very detail oriented, specific, and accurate.  I find it comforting.
  3. It involves technology.  I am not sure this is a fair one to include, however, as I can involve technology in just about anything.
  4. I get to track things.  I like tracking things.  I can tell you the daily temperature for 6 different locations in my house and on my property any day this past year.
  5. It overlaps my other hobby:  photography.  Although thus far, that has been more one of my “buy the equipment first” hobbies.
  6. I find the stories fascinating that I uncover, and they have a special resonance since they are not just history, but my specific history.
  7. It’s a whole new discipline to me, with formal techniques, and requires learning extensive domain knowledge to untangle documents and stories. I love learning.

The only thing that distinguishes this from my other (failed) hobbies, is that I haven’t purchased anything yet. I typically start hobbies with a credit card.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said I had never googled “portable microfilm scanner.”

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