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A Memory Journal for your Children

Published on December 15, 2007 by in family

A writing a journal for your children is a wonderful thing to leave as your legacy to them.

  1. Buy a nicely bound journal that looks like it would be neat to inherit – one for each of your children. I bought 3 Moleskine notebooks. I selected it because it because I thought it had a rich history of famous writers, then when writing this entry I read in the Wikipedia entry that the rich history was marketing hogwash, but I digress…
  2. Get a slick looking pen with acid free ink. I actually don’t know if it makes a difference, but I feel more authoritative writing with it
  3. When the spirit moves you write a letter to your child in the journal. The goal is to leave a little bit of yourself for your children, forever.
  4. When you pass, make sure the journals are someplace such that your progeny will find them.

I am very crappy at keeping a journal, but I figure even if I only write an entry or two annually, that will still be some substantial messages from me to my children. I am assuming I will survive many more years, which may require some exercise, but that is a different story for a different day. :o)

My experience so far has been as follows:
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  • As anticipated, I am not very good a keeping up with the journals. I am writing annually right now – on my children’s birthdays.
  • I find it interesting that sometimes my style of writing is geared for their current age and other times the adults they will be when reading the journal.
  • Since it is probably the only thing I hand-write anymore, it is challenging that I can only edit entries with notes in the margin. I contemplated an electronic journal but think the connection will be stronger if they are actually reading ink in my handwriting.
  • Since I know I will be gone when they read it, I do find myself using it like a personal journal and sharing “innermost thoughts” that I would probably not otherwise share with my children.
  • I enjoy rereading my old entries because it takes me back to what was going on in their lives when I wrote the entries. Plus I am a wildly fascinating writer.

So why are you still reading this – go get some journals!!

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